LUPE Votes opens endorsement application for 2024 Primaries

January 15, 2024

JANUARY 15, 2024
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Candidates in federal and state races can apply for the endorsement of LUPE Votes, which represents the interests of working families in the Rio Grande Valley.

Rio Grande Valley, Texas— Applications are now open for federal and state candidates to apply for the endorsement of LUPE Votes, a political organization based in the Rio Grande Valley that represents the priorities of working families, immigrants, and colonia residents. 

LUPE Votes launched in 2021 after Rep. Vicente Gonzalez left TX-15 and left the seat open. LUPE Votes nominated and later endorsed Michelle Vallejo in TX-15, and she successfully became the Democratic nominee. 

Applications will be reviewed by an endorsement committee composed of community members who represent diverse ages, backgrounds, and leadership experience. The committee will evaluate candidates based on their alignment to the Pueblo Platform, including a demonstrated commitment to defend the interests of working families and immigrants. The endorsement committee will issue a final recommendation to the LUPE Votes board of directors who ultimately ratify the organization’s endorsements.

Michael Mireles, director of civic engagement at LUPE Votes, said, “Through our community-led process, LUPE Votes’ will continue to champion the Pueblo by backing candidates who prove they have the political courage to better the lives of working and immigrant families in Texas. The results of the 2024 Elections will shape the political and social environment we will organize for years to come. We’re doing this for our parents struggling with low wages, our neighbors without healthcare, and our mixed-status households in fear of family separation—for our Pueblo.

Dani Marrero Hi, deputy director of LUPE Votes, said, “Our movement comes from a long history of successfully changing the politics of South Texas to elect leaders who will prioritize the needs of the working class and immigrants. While a handful of extremist conservative groups pour millions of dollars to divide South Texans and strip away our freedoms, we’re building the power we need to protect the vast majority of Texans who want a state where all of us can thrive and live with dignity. A LUPE Votes endorsement signals which candidates will work alongside the Pueblo to achieve that purpose.”

Candidates can apply through the organization’s website ( The form will close on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 11:59 PM CDT. 


LUPE Votes is a sibling organization of La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE). Through LUPE Votes, we use electoral and political organizing to win justice for working-class South Texans. Learn more at