As AG Ken Paxton escalates attacks, LUPE Votes vows solidarity with immigrant, humanitarian groups at the border

February 21, 2024

Feb. 21, 2024
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Latest escalation from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to sue Annunciation House in El Paso doubles down on immoral and inhumane politically-motivated border tactics

In response to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton suing Annunciation House in El Paso, Dani Marrero Hi, deputy director of LUPE Votes, said:

“Ken Paxton’s latest attack against Annunciation House in El Paso shows that there are no limits to his politically-motivated and immoral campaign against vulnerable asylum-seekers at the border. Annunciation House and dozens of other groups from El Paso to Eagle Pass and Brownsville do the daily hard work of welcoming immigrant families with shelter, a warm meal, and clean clothes, among other basic necessities every human being deserves. It’s a shame that the attorney general is misusing his power and public funds to attack hard working and faithful Texans who are simply trying to ensure families and children are safe from harm. 

Contrary to what Paxton is alleging, what is happening at the border is a direct result of failing immigration policies that emphasize deterrence and military tactics over upholding human and civil rights to protect people seeking safety at our nation’s doorstep. Paxton, Gov. Greg Abbott, and other state leaders should follow the lead of Annunciation House and humanitarian groups instead of trying to shut them down.”


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